Marketing Leads

Marketing Leads

Reach Customers Quickly

We understand that prospects are everywhere, reachable through multiple means of communication. At Barpun Solutions, we zero in on them and get clients message across in more ways than they can ignore.

Build your brand!

Consider a situation where a company taking part in a tradeshow wants maximum response from prospective companies and buyers. They can only get maximum attendance if the pre-show marketing campaign includes all three – email, phone and post invitations.

With All-in-One Marketing leads from Barpun Solutions, this could actually happen and you would go singing to the bank! Reach and communicate with customers through different channels to get maximum responses. There is a probability that when three emails about one product are sent, that last two are marked for trash. Whereas if companies use multi-channel marketing, viz., email, telephone or direct mailing, customers are most likely to see all three.

With All-in-One marketing, you can:

  • Appeal to all kinds of audiences, online, telephone and old world
  • Reduce the risk of being marked as spam by 1/3rd receiving list
  • Send three promotional messages with assurance that all three will be received

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